Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pass the Puns, Please

Happy Father's Day dear internet!

Since the hubs is out of town, working his nicely-shaped tuckus off, it is just me and the kids. We are off to go break bread with Grampa and celebrate our redneck ways.

Before I go, I have some fine cheese to pass along. Enjoy, and don't forget, like Cheez-Whiz, it likes to be spread!

A lady was filling her tank at a gas station, smoking a cigarette, even though all the signs say not to. The fumes that came out of the gas tank ignited, severely burning her hands. But it also lit up her arm, too! Instead of rolling on the ground to put it out, she panicked. She took off running down the street.

A police car was at the intersection where it happened and he tried to stop her to put out her arm, but she just kept running and screaming. All the officer could think of doing was to shoot her. This took everyone by surprise. The officer ran over to her and put the fire out, then called for an ambulance.

When questioned about his course of action to stop her, the officer said, "My only thought was to stop her. After all, she was waving a fire-arm."

***I never said I was fond of Cheez-Whiz!***


Blogger It's okay, Sweetie said...

Here's one my niece just told me:

What did the lawyer name her daugther?


2:35 p.m.  
Blogger My float said...

Ah, groan. I'll be "spreading" this cheese!

3:13 p.m.  
Blogger jellyhead said...

Where do you get these from???! Do you have a book called Cheesiest Puns Ever?
Damn fine punning, T!

4:12 a.m.  
Blogger Mom101 said...

That's TUCHUS with an h. Oy, my Yiddish speaking great-grandma is rolling in her grave, you redneck. ;)

8:19 p.m.  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Very, very funny.

7:40 p.m.  

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